Andre Ward and Joshua White (known collectively as the production/songwriting duo Dre & Josh) have a nature for producing music that captures. Although Dre & Josh are new to the game, they are developing a sound that is infectious and starting to create and build a solid buzz in the industry.

Andre Ward & Joshua White (Dre & Josh) are first cousins and come from a very musical background. Both born into a family of musical geniuses, their parents were amazed with their ear for music and decided to surround them around talent. They both play multiple instruments which include Bass, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Piano and Drums.

Andre, born in Delaware relocated to Philadelphia at the age of 12 to attend “The Settlement School of Music” due to his parents realizing his uncanny ear for music and his ability to play multiple instruments by ear. It was in Philadelphia where he grew heavily involved in the music scene and started playing for several recording artists. He has provided music to recording artists signed to major labels including Sony, Island Def Jam Music, Universal and other independent record companies.

Josh, born in Hartford, Connecticut started playing keyboards at the age of 7. His knowledge and theory of music was unlike any other young child. It was almost like a prodigy with him being skilled at such a young age and having the ability to play multiple instruments including, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, lead guitar and drums. Josh moved to Philadelphia when he was 19 and quickly became the most sought after musician in the city. He has played for several recording artists and has toured Europe several times.

Dre & Josh always created music independently. It wasn’t until 2007 when they produced the soundtrack together to a well known play in Philadelphia. The soundtrack received rave reviews and it left people wanting to hear more from them. So they officially started Dre & Josh Music Group in 2007. Since then they have been working with local artists across the East Coast, all the while capturing major attention. Dre & Josh are always working hard, creating new material and developing their sound. They are motivated producers and their music covers a myriad of music genres: R& B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Rock and even Gospel.

Along with their music, they have developed a unique passion for Business Administration. It is that skill combined with their musical gifts that has gotten them the attention of major executives from Universal, Sony, Warner Music, EMI and others. They are more than ready to show the world their talent and their hunger for success in expectation of setting a new standard.